As a local citizen, do you know how things work in Guernsey?  Find lessons, discussion ideas and interviews with local people about the issues that affect us in Guernsey.
In Citizenship and P.S.H.E. pupils learn about themselves as members of a community.  They take part in discussions and simple debates about topical issues.  They learn to make real choices about fairness and right and wrong.  They learn to take responsibility for themselves and their environment.

How is Guernsey different from the UK? How does 
Guernsey's parliament work and how is it different to the parliament in the UK. What do you think of our flag and do you know the history behind it?  Learn about how Guernsey's Parliament works in the powerpoint at the bottom of this page.

 What issues are people discussing at the moment and how do they affect you? 

 What should we do with our rubbish?  What happens when the tip is full?  Should millions of pounds be spent on an incinerator or is there another way?

 How could you encourage more people to recycle?  Should people be fined for not recycling or pay to have their recycling taken away?

 What age should it be legal to vote in Guernsey?  Should children be given a say in how the island is run?

 Should all shops be allowed to open on a Sunday?  Should the Sunday Trading laws be redrafted?

Should there be paid parking in Guernsey?

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