Meet the team

Hi, my name is Len.  I'm a donkey and I live in Guernsey.   People from Guernsey are nick-named donkeys because they are stubborn.  It's true!  If I don't agree with someone I dig my heels in and I won't change my mind!
I'm on a mission to learn all about Guernsey.  I am particularly interested in geography.  I want to learn all about Guernsey's parishes and how they are different.  I would also like to learn to windsurf if anyone could teach me.

This is my best friend Guernsey Ted. He loves history and knows a lot about Guernsey's past. Ted doesn't have a good sense of direction and he often gets lost!   He also cares about the environment and he'd like to find a solution to Guernsey's problems with rubbish.  Ted is training for the Itex walk but I'm not sure if he'll even be able to find the start line.  


This is Enid bear.  I have known Enid for a long time as she went to school with me.  She is an artist.  She spends her time painting views all over Guernsey and going to exhibitions.  She is very opinionated and we don't always agree.  Enid is in charge of the arts section of the website.  Look out for her around Guernsey, she's usually covered in paint.

If you have an email address you can send us a message below. One of us will try and reply if we're not off travelling.

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