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About Guernsey

  Although Guernsey is closer to France than the UK the first language is English.  Surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking cliffs Guernsey is a popular holiday destination.


Guernsey is not part of the U.K. or the European Union.  It has its own government and its own money.   Pound notes are still used in Guernsey.  The population of Guernsey is just over 60,000 with financial services and tourism making up most of the island's economy.  

Guernsey has ten parishes.  Which parish do you live in?  Do you know which is the biggest parish and which parish has the smallest population? Learn more about the parishes in the My Parish section.  Test your knowledge of the 10 parishes in the picture quiz below.   Which is your favourite parish and why? 


What's it like living in an island community and how is it different from the UK?  Living in an isolated community mean that  crime rates are relatively low.  Honesty boxes are popular ways of shopping and vegetables, flowers and brick-a-brack can be seen for sale on hedges.  Guernsey number plates only have numbers on them.  Our postboxes are blue instead of red.  People from Guernsey are nicknamed donkeys.  Do you think it is because we are stubborn?

What do you enjoy about living in Guernsey?  Do you like being part of a small community? What's it like to grow up near the sea?  

Guernsey's capital is called St Peter Port.  It has a busy harbour and narrow cobbled streets.   St Peter Port is Guernsey's main port  There is also a harbour at St Sampson's.  St Peter Port has lots of shops and restaurants.  It is also the centre for the offshore finance industry.

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