Postcards from Travelling Toys

Dear Guernsey Ted, 
I'm sunning myself on the south coast of Spain.  I have a new favourite food.  It's a yellow rice dish full of fish called paella.  They cook it in big pans on the beach.  Mmmm.  Spain is next to France so it is not too far from Guernsey.  I met a Spanish bull called Pedro who is going to show me around his village tomorrow.
Bertha Bear xx

Which continent is Spain in?

Dear Len and Ted,
Olá (hello) from Lagos in Portugal. The beaches here are huge and the sea is as cold as Guernsey so I'm staying on land. Lagos is in the South of Portugal. I had to catch two planes to get here. The people are very friendly and they have taught me some Portuguese.
Até logo (see you soon)
Paddington Bear

Can you find Portugal on a map of Europe?

Magnus the Orcadian Otter sends his best.  Here he is showing you his home by the sea and exploring some of the famous sites in Orkney skara Brae, one of the oldest villages in the world.  The stones of Stennes are the same age as Stonehenge. He has lots of friends here, the highland cows, the geese and the seals!!
 He will have lots more adventures and sends warm greetings to Len the Guernsey Donkey.
 Bye for now from Magnus xx
Orkney is a group of islands in northern Scotland. Can you find them on a map?

Do you have a toy that likes to travel? Len the donkey and Guernsey Ted love to get postcards from different places. Send Len and Ted an e-postcard to Remember to attach a picture of your toy and mention where they went. Perhaps they have had some interesting adventures or tasted some different foods. How is the place they visited different to Guernsey?
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