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Visit Victor Hugo's Hauteville House - Open April - September: Monday - Saturday. 
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 The Maritime Museum at Castle Cornet includes the Romans, ship-building, sea transport, explorers and safety at sea etc. The Story of Castle Cornet Museum covers the history of defence and life in the Castle from early times. The site itself has the remains of the Medieval castle, Tudor defences,‘period’ gardens and evidence of the German Occupation in 1940-45

Contact: Access and Learning Manager on 706969. 

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 Visit the Shipwreck Museum at Fort Grey,   Learn how communication has changed through the ages at the Guernsey Telephone Museum
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Contact Josephine Dowding (Access and Learning Manager)Email: Josephine Dowding - Tel: +44(0)1481 726518

FORT GREY Rocquaine Bay

Fort grey is a Martello tower with a Shipwreck Museum inside.   Use Living History to retell the story of the Civil War and its effect on Guernsey, the role of the Militia and the development of the road networks by Sir John Doyle in the early 19th century and James de Saumarez’ escape from a superior French Squadron in 1794. The site and Museum are also great for creative writing.

 Contact: Access and Learning Manager on 706969/726518  

Sausmarez Manor
Learn about Phillip De Sausmarez  who sailed round the world 20 Years before Captain Cook and helped to capture the world’s richest treasure ship before he was blown up by a cannon ball.  
You can also visit the sculpture park and tour the house which dates back to the twelfth century.
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